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Custom Products Website Ordering Tips

Using Product Templates

While browsing our various product pages, you will see an image on the right hand side of each page. These images are refered to as "Templates". The pre-made templates offer you a sample of usage, layouts, and typestyles for that individual product. The stamp templates are also shown in the exact size that the final impression will be (sometimes you have to update your preview on the next page before seeing the actual size). Clicking on the template shown on the product page will take you to a second page that offers additional template samples.

Based on how you are wanting to customize your product, choose the template that best suits your needs. For example, if you are looking to create a three line address stamp, you would choose a template that has three lines available. Or if you wanted a stamp that contained six lines, you would choose a template that had six lines listed. For any template you choose, you will have the option of changing the typestyle and letter size for your final product. The style and size of each template that is shown, is simply our default look for that particular product.

After you have chosen the template that best suits your needs, click on the image and it will take you to a "Preview" page. On this page you will see boxes that will allow you to adjust the product Text, Font, Letter Size, and Alignment for each line available. You will also be able to choose whether you would like any of the lines to be Bold, Italicized, or Underlined. For engraving products, you will also find a drop down box that allows you to choose the materials for your product.

Once you have entered your preferences, click on the "Update Preview" button and you will see the image change to reflect your choices. You can follow these steps as often as you like until the image is to your satisfaction. If there are special instructions you would like to add for a particular product, you can use the box titled "Comment for typesetting department:" to state your needs. Once you are happy with your changes, simply click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to continue with your order.

If you do not see a template for the product you need, you have a few options available to you! Use the "Create Your Own" option to submit your order and we will create a future template for you. Or If the product template available will at least allow you to type all your needed information, you can fill in what you need and write what needs to be fixed in the "special comments" section of that template preview.

Some Product Options on Order information Page

While most customization options for an individual product will be found on the Preview Page, a few options are not chosen until your product has been added to the Order information page. This page is where all your product choices will be stored until you are ready to proceed to your checkout page. These options on this information page include:

  1. Color choice for product. This option gives you a drop down box that allows you to choose the color you would like for your product. If there is no color choice option available, it could mean one of a few things. Some products are listed as already being a certain color. These tend to be our Self-Inking Stamps and Stock Stamps. If it is an Engraved product that contains color, the "Materials" box on the Preview Page will have already determined your colors. Or the product could be one that does not have a color choice at all. Such as our Rubber Stamps.
  2. Finishing options for product. This option will be seen only on engraving products that may have additional items that need to be added. Multiple finishing options can be chosen by simply choosing one option, allow the page to automatically refresh itself, and then choose another option.
  3. Quantity desired for product. The other option you will find on the Order Information page is a quantity box. Just type in the number you want for each individual product.

Ordering Stock Items

Stock items are pre-made items we have available and do not have options available other than quantity. These items include pre-made stamps, inks and ink pads, and holders for engraving products. All stock products will have a button on the product page that says "Buy". Simply click the "Buy" button, and the item will be added to your Order Information Page.

Uploading Artwork for Logos, Pictures, and Signatures

We accept camera ready or digital artwork for stamps and engraved products. Artwork charges may be applied and are based on the type of product you order, the quality of the artwork we receive, and the complexity of the logo. Artwork can be uploaded to your orders through our website by using the "Your Own Design" template on many of our products. Orders that allow an image to be applied to a template will have a button available on the preview page titled "Logo". Your artwork will be automatically adjusted to fit the space provided on the template after you click the "update preview" button.

The Artwork file must be in a Windows compatible format as either a .tiff, .jpg or .bmp file. Sending digital artwork guarantees you will receive the reproduction you want. When ordering a product requiring a logo or signature, be sure the copy submitted is sharp, clear and actual size so that we receive camera ready art. Artwork is reproduced by a digital process, and the end result is only as good as the original art. Any broken lines or thin areas where the pen "skipped" will appear as such on your stamp. For signatures, use a black roller-ball pen or a fine-tip felt pen on UNLINED paper for the best results. Providing sharp, actual size artwork will save additional charges for re-sizing or improving the copy.


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